Working With Comedy Writers

Laura Ernst’s career has risen rapidly in the past few years. In this clip, she talks about working with comedy writers to create new material. By collaborating, they are able to create comedy in her voice, which has allowed her personality to shine and her star to rise.

For someone who has always done things for themselves, it can be scary seeking help. They tend to look at the expense instead of the possibilities. Keep in mind, the owner of a local restaurant could run the place by themselves. They could serve a small number of clients while cooking, waiting the tables and cleaning. Or, they could hire some staff, serve a larger number of patrons and generate more revenue. If they price the meals right, the extra meals sold not only pay for the food and staff, but produce income for the owner.

It is the same for your show. You are an entertainer, and by expanding yourself, you will find your business grows. Learn about Outsourcing, how to find, hire and use additional help.

The alternative is doing it yourself – and if you prefer that, give yourself a fighting chance at success by studying your topics. In this case, writing original comedy.

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