Who Is Your Competition?

Today, David Farr discusses finding marketing ideas from other businesses that aren’t even related to ours. Our competition is a wider scope than many realize, so limiting yourself to what they do or offer, hurts your business. By bringing in outside ideas, you can create a unique presence in the market and leave your competitors scrambling to catch up!

Today, Internet marketing is a huge piece of the puzzle for acts wanting to get work.  What are the best ways to drive traffic to your site?  It may be time to look outside of the show-business market.  For a $1 investment, I found DotComSecretsX – which is more about selling internet products than shows.  However, for $1, it opened my eyes to a ton of methods to generate traffic to my corporate web site that resulted in business.  I challenge each of you to take a look outside of your current market and grow.

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