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Welcome to the launch of Entertainment-Experts.com.  This site/video blog brings together some of the top variety acts working today.  Not all of them may be known to you, but each has worked to create a living as a professional entertainer.  If you aren’t familiar with one of the guests, feel free to check them out.  In a day and age where so many claim “expert status” and sell advice when they don’t have the background to back up their words – the entertainment experts speak from time tested experience.

Each post will cover different aspects of the art – a tip, advice, insights and inspirations.  Know that each of us started with an interest. A love of the art form we perform allowed us to forge ahead and figure out how to turn it into a career.  If we can do it – so can you.  Some days, the artist may be speaking directly to something happening in your life.  Other days, you may not relate, but at some point, you most likely will want to revisit that video.

This advice is shared freely.  We ask your help in spreading the word.   Tell your friends on FaceBook, Pintrest, Google+, Linked-In and Twitter about a post that speaks to you.  Sharing the knowledge is the focus behind this effort.  And if you like the information, you can always support the site by checking out our sponsors and following affiliate links.  If something speaks to you – use it to further your own career as an artist.

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