Standing Out In The Crowd By Being Unique

By standing out in the crowd, magician Fred Moore became in demand for performances in Japan. Here, Fred talks about how talent buyers sought out his show because he was unique.

Is your act really unique? Are there other acts in your art form doing the same tricks, lines or songs? It is easy enough to think, okay, but at least I’m earning money, or, my act is better. The true value doesn’t impact you until you become truly unique. When you reach a level where you are standing out in the crowd, you will find the game changes drastically. It is hard work that is worth doing.

A good read that helps you define your personality clearly so you can stand out, is Be Your Own Brand: Achieve More of What You Want by Being More of Who You Are. Download it to your Kindle and read it for some great insights that will definitely help you with this subject.

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