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Today Julian Mather of Build Your Magic Show, and I talk about outsourcing – and how it allows you to accomplish more and be seen by a larger audience. As an example, I publish this blog six days a week, reaching one audience. I also publish a daily interview blog at Learn Ventriloquism reaching a different audience. (Although I also know there is some cross-over.) Another blog that will soon start publishing on a daily basis deals with corporate entertainment and all phases of planning an event for a specific market. In the meantime I am doing shows, promoting my act and creating ventures with other entertainers. I could not do all of this without the help of assistants.

What could you do to play bigger? Did you realize fear stops so many from achieving their goal? Are you worried it will cost too much? You won’t earn enough? You aren’t good enough? You aren’t creative enough? That is fear talking – check out: Superhero Success.

Maybe you just aren’t sure where to start – in that case, these are great reads:

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