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Talent Agent Terry Gehman shares some tips about promotional videos that should be considered next time you create one. Clients don’t always watch your entire video. A routine that starts slow may not hold their attention until the climax. Titles take up valuable time that hurt your chances of being seen. A client’s time is valuable and you need to keep that in mind. Put your strongest footage at the start, don’t make them wait. Show the viewer what your act will do for them, then go into how you do it.

The quality of the video will affect your chances of being hired and perceived value. While we recommend you consider using a professional, there are steps you can take if you are editing video on your home computer:

If you use Adobe AfterEffects – you can purchase incredible video templates that will spice up your work and not cost you a fortune. Check out VideoHive for more information.

Great Royalty Free Stock Music is usually hard to find and not always good.  AudioJungle is a great source of royalty free material with a wide selection and great music that is reasonably priced!

If you like what you see, I highly recommend you open an account – the network of AudioJungle and VideoHive has other sites that include graphics, web site themes, coding and more.  Your account can be used across all of the sites.  I usually deposit $100 and that way any time I need music, or a web graphic, theme or royalty free photo or video clip, I can just click to buy and continue to be creative.


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