Do What You Love

Barry Friedman shows us his mind map for and talks about how he did the things he loved, and jobbed out the rest. By focusing on what he loved, he was able to excel. By hiring someone else to do the things he found tedious or didn’t want to tackle, he accomplished the project much faster.

Outsourcing is a huge piece of the business puzzle. It can be scary if you are afraid of giving up control, or are worried you can’t afford to hire someone. Imagine for a minute if you didn’t have to handle the tedious tasks. What would you do with that time? Could you reach out to clients and book an extra show? Create a new program to market? Do something to improve your program or, even take some time off to recharge so you can work more efficiently?

Imagine if a local restaurant owner manned the counter, waited tables, cooked, cleaned, and ordered supplies all by himself. Service and quality would suffer. The only way to grow your business is to contract others to handle the details you don’t want to do. Do what you love – be happier – and grow!

A couple of good reads on outsourcing are: Outsourcing: How To Outsource For Maximum Profit, Small Business Outsourcing and Successful Outsourcing: A Step-by-Step Guide (Business Matters). Even if you think you can’t afford it, grab one of these books and they will open your eyes to the income potential that contracting someone can create.

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