Comedian Jokes – A Sneak Preview


Comedian Jokes: Why Rewriting Jokes For Stand-Up Comedians Doesn’t Work.

I did a Skype interview with the creator of Killer Stand-Up Comedy, Steve Roye. We discussed a post in a major magic forum where someone gave the advice to buy a Henny Youngman book and rewrite the jokes to suit your own style. I wanted to get Steve’s opinion of that tactic.

For years comedy writing classes have advised people to dissect a joke to discover the premise and the comedy. They are then encouraged to rewrite the material to create something totally unique. I’ve never had success with that tactic. Everything I’ve created pales in comparison to the original, where in my head, I could hear the timing and delivery. In the video, Steve lays out exactly why rewriting material is a waste of a comic or comedy performer’s time.

So if rewriting comedy is a bad idea, how can you develop comedian jokes for a set or performance?

It starts with proper training. We aren’t talking about traditional comedy classes taught by people who never made it past an open mic night either. Steve has developed a course that is truly unique. His Comedy Evaluator Pro software lets you gauge exactly how well you are doing in the laughs department. It is a course that has changed the lives of comedians, taking them from open mics to headlining rooms and killing the crowds.

This isn’t an ad for his course – it is an endorsement. I’m not going to tell you to buy it – but if you take a serious look and want to improve your comedy, I think once you see what he offers, you will want to invest in it. For that reason, I advise you take advantage of the free stuff Steve offers. Even if you don’t get the course, it will provide you with an education. Maybe then you will realize rewriting is no way to develop comedian jokes.

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